Unique Diaper Cake DIY Baby Gift for Display Shower


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My friend threw the first-ever display baby shower that I had ever attended. I’m a huge stickler for the presentation of the gift (gift wrap, bows, Washi tape), so I’ll admit that the thought of bringing an unwrapped gift to her baby shower made me a little uneasy.

I just couldn’t do it. So I didn’t follow the rules, exactly. I was looking on Pinterest for diaper cake ideas, but I had other items to gift her like baby clothes, burp cloths, wipes and even diaper trash bags. So I came up with my own take on the diaper cake — with a TON of goodies beyond the diaper.

Unique Diaper Cake DIY


What you’ll need:


Gifts to Include:

How to Make the Diaper Cake

1. Tape the wine bottle (a postpartum treat intended for the mom-to-be once that baby makes his/her arrival) to the center of the 13″ charger plate. Make sure it’s secure.

Bottom Layer

2. Start rolling the size 2 diapers and secure each diaper with a rubber band. Place the rolled size 2 diapers in a circle pattern around the base of the wine bottle. Mix in some of the gifts like washcloths, bibs (rolled) and diaper trash bags until you fill out the entire plate (you’ll use most of the size 2 diapers for this layer). Set aside the sleeper gowns, burp cloths and one onesie — these will be the “icing” or “fondant.”


3. Take three burp cloths and wrap them around the outside of the first layer (like “fondant”). Cut a long piece of tulle and tie around the burp cloths to secure. Add a bow if you’d like — I did.

Middle Layer

4. Roll and secure each newborn-sized diapers with a rubber band. These will be the diapers used for the top and middle “cake” layers. Place the second layer of diapers in a circular pattern similar to the bottom layer, but leave some room around the edges so it tiers like a cake. Tuck in a few more gifts.

5. Wrap one sleeper gown around the outside of the middle layer along with a folded onesie. Tie and secure this layer with another piece of tulle.



Top Layer

6. Add the remaining diapers to the “cake” in a circular pattern. Place the other sleeper gown on the top. Wrap the arms of the gown around the edge of this layer. Tie a piece of tulle around this layer to secure.


7. Top off the cake with a fluff of tulle and the booties. You can use the double-sided tape to secure the booties.


save it for later

Unique Diaper Cake DIY - Fun and cute way to "wrap" a baby shower gift. Great for display showers. Tips and more from Spitupisthenewblack.com

Okay, so I’m not of the craft-mom caliber, but I was darn proud of this diaper cake, so much so that I had to share a how-to. So now if you’re ever invited to a “display” baby shower, you can still “wrap” your gift, but like a rebel.

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