Easy Ice Pops For Summer

I partnered with Juicy Juice for this easy popsicle recipe in celebration of the Cars 3 movie premier. This post contains affiliate links.

Juicy Juicy Popsicle Recipe

As the sun rose on Friday morning, so did a little man chanting “Caws moowie tu-night? Tu-niiiight?” Yes, buddy, we’re going to see Cars 3 tonight. “Ma Caws moowie! I get dwessed.” But before he could even change out of his racecar PJs, I had a surprise for him and Bear. The night before, I froze some Juicy Juice in ice cube trays for them to celebrate the big day. Yes, mom of the year right here, folks – popsicles for breakfast!

It was just juice, so why not trick make them incredibly happy by just freezing it instead of pouring it in their sippy cups? My mom made me popsicles this way when I was a kid, and the Cars 3 “moowie” day was the perfect day to introduce them to this easy ice pop treat for summer.

Easiest Popsicles Ever Recipe Kids Juice

The Easiest Ice Pops You’ll Ever Make

  1. Pour Juicy Juice in an ice cube tray.
  2. Cover with foil.
  3. Add a lollipop stick to each cube.
  4. Freeze for at least 1 hour.
  5. Pop out and enjoy!

Easy Ice Pops for Kids this Summer

The trick to adding the lollipop stick is to first puncture the foil with a toothpick, then pop in the lollipop stick. When you remove the foil once the juice is frozen, just be sure to check that any foil didn’t end up freezing inside the ice pop! If so, just toss that one.

That night, we headed to the local movie theater to see Cars 3. We had a nice family dinner at one of our favorite burger joints, make a quick stop at the park to burn energy to prepare for 2+ hours of sitting in a chair, and then it was showtime. With two booster seats in hand, one overpriced drink, and two kids so excited I thought they may jump out of their skin, we found our seats.

Their smiles were priceless (genuine and not forced while constipation-screaming “cheeeeeeeeeese” like above). Little Man was so excited when Cruz Ramirez rolled onto the screen since that was the character he got in his blind bag last weekend. “Ma cawr! Mom, ma cawr, it at home!”

For those smiles and that happniess, I’ll give them ice pops for breakfast any day of the week. Just don’t tell them my secret.

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