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Now that I’m in my third trimester, I think my belly is getting bigger every day. Literally. I will catch a glimpse of it in the mirror before I go to sleep and would swear that my bump has grown since that morning when I got dressed. I have started to knock into things with it, and I’ve had to apologize to my growing son when I opened a closet door and bumped it right into his happy little home.

This magically expanding belly, along with his kicks and stretches and pokes, serves as a happy (and ever-present) reminder that I get to meet this amazing new person in just a few months. Accompanying this growth is the reality that it’s getting harder and harder to get comfortable. This is never truer than when it’s time to sleep or time to relax. Ah, the ironies of pregnancy…which I trust are preparing me well for the myriad paradoxes of parenthood upon my horizon!

So with my belly, as well as the accompanying sore hips, the time is ripe for a pregnancy support pillow. The Boppy Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow fits the bill, and can be used in lots of different configurations. It’s contoured so that I can curl around it to sleep on your slide, as my doctor recommends. It supports my bump, as well as my head and neck on the top portion of the curved pillow. The rear portion cradles my back, and the bottom of the pillow tucks between my legs to keep the hips positioned properly.

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

It’s supportive and soft—and the slipcover, made of 100% cotton, is removable so it can be washed which is a big plus in my book.

In addition to bed time, the pillow is great for relaxing. You can use it to prop yourself up in bed or on the couch as you’re reading or typing or watching TV. There are a couple of different configurations, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it enhanced my comfort while sitting or leaning back. I am trying to enjoy my bed, my couch, and my napping as much as I can while I still can—and this Boppy body pillow definitely helps me towards my goal.

There is one other member of the family who wholeheartedly approves… and snuggles up to the Boppy as soon as I get up to take my morning shower!

Hartley Boppy


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