Tips to Make a Mother Daughter Relationship Better

Guest post by fellow blogger Sarah Grace Del Rosario of The Thrifty Senyorita

Tips to Improve a Mother Daughter Relationship

There is no denying it—the mother daughter relationship is a complicated relationship to be in. In general, mothers look to gain the love and respect of their children. On the other hand, daughters try to seek the approval and acceptance of their mothers. But sometimes, the lack of communication makes everything more messy and chaotic.

Most moms would love to improve their relationship with their daughters, so here are some tips that will make your mother daughter relationship better.

Repair the damage right away.

No matter how close you are with your daughter, conflicts are inevitable. There will come a time when you’ll disagree about something and there will be hurtful words exchanged. When all is said and done, don’t just leave it all behind. You have to make sure that you will both come to an agreement afterwards. Don’t wait months or years to do this. Repair the damage and say sorry for the hurtful words, once your emotions have died down.

Practice empathy.

We all know that it’s difficult to understand where your daughter is coming from. After all, you are from different generations. But in order to foster a more loving relationship with her, it’s best that you try to put yourself in her shoes. This way, you can be able to imagine what her pressures and problems are and you can provide the love, care, attention and advice that she needs.

Avoid bringing up the past.

This one is a difficult thing to do considering the fact that women have a tendency to bring up the past when conflict arises. Bringing up past issues when dealing with a present issue should be avoided because it prevents you from dealing with the real issue at hand. So focus only on the present issues so you can focus on solving or finding a solution to it.

Try to look for common interest.

Want to be friends with your daughter? You can do that by trying to look for a common interest with your daughter. You can do this by spending some time together while you discover common interests and hobbies that you have so you can deepen your bond together. It can be cooking, yoga, reading, knitting and many more.

This is the secret to establishing good relationships. When you dwell on hurt and anger, it will take you farther away from a place of love and it will be harder for you to forgive, which makes it impossible for you to rebuild your relationship.

Keep in mind that following these tips will not make you and your daughter best friends in an instant. But with continuous show of love for each other, proper communication and consistency, you can surely show your daughter that you are serious in having a better relationship with her.

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