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Last Day of School Keepsake | Spit Up is the New Black school days ideas

As we enter her final week of preschool, I can’t help but look back on her first year in school. She learned the alphabet, made new friends and constantly surprised us with new phrases, mannerisms and even prayers she picked up at school. I was talking with my coworker last week and she shared this fabulous idea how to create an easy school year keepsake.

Every year, on the last week of school, she sends a manila folder in her kids’ backpack with a copy of [ad] Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss along with a little note. The note asks the teacher to write a little message to her child to commemorate the school year that just passed and inspire them as they grow.

I don’t know what year she started this brilliant tradition, but her oldest is now 12 and I can imagine this book is already really special to her. Starting this tradition in preschool allows for EVERY teacher, from preschool to senior year (although I’m sure she’ll fight me on this tradition in high school), to be part of her school year memory book.

Create a school year memory book using Oh, the Places You'll Go!

I told her this is her last week of preschool and she looked at me doe-eyed, “why mommy?” “Well, because summer will be starting soon and you get this really cool break every summer from school!” “Oh, okay.” “Then, in August, you’ll go back to school and begin Pre-K.” “Pee-K? Oh, okay.”

Innocent conversations like these make me want to bottle all these little milestones. I look at Little Man, not yet 2, and know that he too will be in school, sooner than I can even fathom. And at that time, I’ll buy him a copy of Oh the Places You’ll Go to pack in his backpack the last week of school.

Easy Last Day of School Keepsake

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Create a school year memory book by asking your child's teacher to write a note in Oh, The Places You'll Go book by Dr. Seuss the last week of school every year.

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