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Run with a Water Bottle: Cirrus Fitness BottleBand Review

Cirrus Fitness BottleBands Fun Sayings #ADThe following post is sponsored by Cirrus Fitness. I was sent samples to facilitate this review.

Imagine your out for a run and you get thirsty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-size bottle of water with you that doesn’t interfere with your stride? One company found a solution to this common problem and created the BottleBand, which turns any bottle into a handheld water bottle.

Recently acquired by Cirrus Fitness, BottleBand is a key player in helping motivate and inspire athletes, while staying hydrated. Just as Cirrus Fitness does, BottleBand has the goal to drive you to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

BottleBand can be slipped over virtually any bottle (it stretches to fit all different sized bottles). Then just tuck your hand under the strap, and head out for a run.

Cirrus Fitness BottleBand One Size - How to Use

I put this to the test on three different bottle sizes. You’ll notice that the circular bands sit at different points on each bottle based on the bottle’s circumference, but they can be tightened by pulling the circular bands closer together or apart to fit different hand sizes.

Cirrus Fitness BottleBand One Size Fits All

The bright, customer friendly packaging includes visual directions on its backside.

Cirrus Fitness BottleBand Packaging

How to wear a Cirrus Fitness BottleBand

If you’re running with a disposable bottle, just throw it away after you’ve finished your water, put the band on your wrist, and continue running. Here is what it looks like after taken off the bottle. It reminds me of the rubber bracelets with motivational sayings.

Cirrus Fitness BottleBand off bottle

If you’re not running, but just transporting multiple bottles of water, the BottleBand makes it very easy to carry 4 or 5 bottles of water in one hand (think picnics and amusement parks).

Cirrus Fitness BottleBands Easy to Carry #AD

I really like this product, and for just $8 it’s a great item for any mom. It makes things easier, which in my book is the #1 reason I buy something. I found that running with the BottleBand doesn’t interfere with my run. Plus, when I jog with a stroller, I can either hold it in one hand or put it in my stroller cup holder since there is no added bulk like a traditional runner’s handheld water bottle.

Each BottleBand has either the BottleBand logo or a fun saying, like “Keep Calm” or, my favorite (no surprise) “Running Sucks.” Unfortunately, I’m not one to enjoy running, but while I hate it, I still do it (preferably with this little man).

Cirrus Fitness BottleBand Running Sucks

Now that BottleBand and Cirrus Fitness have teamed up, the licensing possibility are endless. Cirrus Fitness has licensing agreements from the National Basketball Association (NBA), Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and the Licensing Resource Group (LRG), which has allowed Cirrus Fitness to become affiliated with over 100 different schools and teams to add collegiate and professional license marks featured on Cirrus Fitness equipment from exercise/yoga mats, stability balls, medicine balls, and much more. I anticipate some exciting BottleBands are in the works!

Cirrus Fitness is passionate about health and wellness and is dedicated to delivering products that inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. For more information about BottleBand, visit or

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