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Boost Your Bum: Hold Your Haunches Sleek Cheeks Leggings Review

I received a sample to facilitate this review.
Sometimes a girl just needs a little boost. I first heard of Hold Your Haunches on Shark Tank (I cannot get enough of that show!). Co-founders Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer pitched their behind-enhancing body shapers to the sharks. The shark tank was all about girl power that day and they were the first company to strike a deal with both Barbara Corcoran and Laurie Greiner.

haunch (n.):
a buttock and thigh considered together.

What appealed to me in their pitch was their story about personal struggles with their body image after babies. “The truth is, before we invented Hold Your Haunches Shapewear, we both struggled with feeling unhappy with our bodies, and especially our backsides. We figured we weren’t the only women dealing with these feelings and just knew there had to be a way to make getting dressed every day a little more fun and not so depressing.”

This entrepreneurial duo is inspiring and has created three pant styles – boot cut, straight and capris. The secret to this shapewear is the liner of the pants, which extends from the waistband all the way down to below the calf. This ensures your entire bottom half stays smooth.hold-your-haunches-leggings-insideliner

hold-your-haunches-leggings-linerI was graciously sent a pair of Hold Your Haunches Sleek Cheeks Leggings to review. While I’m in my 20s (for 4 more months at least), my body has still been through some pretty aggressive changes – housing 2 little munchkins, for one. And while I’m luckily not too saggy yet, things are starting to head south, so a little boost is just what I needed to (1.) perk up and (2.) feel better about myself.

These pants have a seriously strong (and heavy) shaper, but it’s hidden so no one will ever know. With most shapers, I usually order up a size or two to account for the compression (and aerobics I am about to endure trying to get myself into these babies), but the folks at Hold Your Haunches strongly advised me to order my everyday size. Skeptical, I order the medium (I’m in between a 10 and 12 pant size) and I’m glad I listened. They fit perfectly, and had I ordered up, they would have sagged and not have been effective.

These leggings smooth out all the lumps and bumps and they are SO soft. But because they compress the skin, a lot of it moves up leaving a muffin top to runneth over. A loose-fitting top conceals any top flab, as does pulling the waistband up over my my tummy for fuller coverage (it can also be folded down over the hips). It would be nice if the compression went all the way up to the just below the bust.

Other than the stomach-sucking feature, I love the fit of the legging itself. So many leggings are restrictive at the ankles, but these have more give near the ankle and even bunch a little for added style.hold-your-haunches-leggingsThe co-founders crack me up with all their clever marketing messaging. It sounds like they have a fun time with their booty puns.

These body shaper pants take your God-given ASSets and put your best behind forward (or backward?).

We shape from muffin top to belly flop.

Get in our pants today!

For more information about Hold Your Haunches, please visit Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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