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Cooking Like We’re in Ella’s Kitchen

I received samples c/o Ella’s Kitchen to facilitate the following review.


I have a soft spot for dads. Each day I watch as my husband bonds with our daughter. We’re so blessed that he can stay at home with her while I work full-time. I love that she spends the day with Daddy going to the park, doing arts and crafts, and even learning how to cook.

So it’s no wonder we’re big fans of Ella’s Kitchen, which was started by who else but a dad (Ella’s dad that is). He started Ella’s Kitchen for his daughter (and her entire generation) so that kids could discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool. He took simple, natural ingredients and created delicious baby food with adorable packaging and product names.


I just love the name “nibbly fingers” and the fun cartoon-looking drawings and font.


We’ve been loyal Ella’s Kitchen customers since Bear began solids a year and a half ago, so I was overjoyed when I found out that Ella’s dad came out with a cookbook and a baking book, featuring easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes for young families. My daughter loves cooking alongside her dad, so they two of them were eager to test out a recipe.


It’s not like we’re lacking cookbooks in our kitchen, but I must say that a children’s cookbook, where mom and dad can enjoy the recipes too, is a great addition to our collection and I would recommend the Ella’s Kitchen cookbooks to everyone!


After looking through the Cook Book (The Red One), the two of them decided to test out a recipe for dinner last Tuesday night. My husband picked the Totally cool Caribbean chicken with mango + pineapple, loaded with potatoes, tomatoes and mangoes. Just as with every home cooked dinner, my daughter helped with the cooking (and discover “ingos”).


She loves to stand at the counter with Daddy as he preps, chops, and simmers. He amended the recipe a little, cutting the suggested potato measurements in half. This made the potato to mango ratio is bit more even, and we still had plenty of leftovers for a family of three.


This was a great recipe for the family and toddler friendly. My daughter is willing to try just about any food at least once (and usually likes it the first time around). After thoroughly enjoying the mango recipe, I’m excited to try many more recipes in this book and check out The Yellow One, which is all baking and this mama’s forte.

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