Minnie Mouse Birthday Party: a 2-Year-Old’s Dream Come True

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for toddlers

All the planning, DIYing, decorating, cooking and gift wrapping has commenced and now my little girl is 2 years old. Still in awe, I look back through photos of her Minnie Mouse toddler birthday party and am so pleased with how everything came together. Over the past few months, I’ve searched and purchased, crafted and delegated. But the smile on her face this past weekend made all the time and effort worth it.

Birthday Girl

I just can’t get enough of this smile. As I mentioned previously, it was a daunting task trying to find a red Minnie Mouse wardrobe (everything is pink these days) for the party. I finally found this “Original Mouseketeer” tee at the Disney Store in Times Square and paired it with a red and white polka dot skirt on clearance from Kohl’s. I topped it off with the perfect red toddler bow with white polka dots bow from H&M.

Free Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

We hosted the party on what turned out to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I created the birthday invitations in Photoshop, which I then sent to Shutterfly to print. I was really happy how they turned out, so I wanted to share the Photoshop file (.psd format) with you. Be sure to download the free font called Waltograph before accessing the file. This file is formatted for 4″ x 6″ printing. You can access the Minnie Mouse birthday invitation template for free here.

I found a ton of great Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas on some great blogs these past few months (thanks Pinterest) and recreated some of the ideas for Bear’s party. But there were a few things that this creative mama thought up on her own, like displaying mouse ears on an oatmeal can, wrapped in streamers with a lid covered in a black napkin.

Minnie Mouse Party Ears

Another mom made the adorable Minnie and Mickey ear headbands, which were leftover from her kids’ party. I snagged these along with a variety of other goodies (napkins, homemade decoupaged number “2” centerpieces, Mickey Mouse ear clothespins, and more) for $10 for the lot on my mommy Facebook group. If you’re looking for birthday decorations, mommy groups online are a great place to start!

Minnie Mouse Party Centerpiece

You might recognize these Minnie Mouse Party Centerpieces that I DIYed the other day. They worked perfectly as bookends for the Minnie Mouse stuffed doll my mom bought for Bear at Walt Disney World last summer. Minnie needed a little lift, so I wrapped a small cardboard box in yellow tissue paper and placed it underneath her tush.

Minnie Mouse Party Popcorn Boxes

There were quite a few Mini Popcorn Boxes and Swirl Pops from Oriental Trading Company left over from the centerpieces, so I paired the two together and placed them on the treat table. It was a really easy addition to the party decor.

Minnie Mouse Party Chips

I used some of the other popcorn boxes for chips and snacks on the dining tables outside.

Minnie Mouse Party Banner

Other than the food, the majority of the party was hosted outside (a nice benefit of having a summer baby). My creative sister-in-law cut out a bow for Minnie from these Red Polka Dot Gift Boxes and placed it, along with Minnie’s head, in the middle of this Big Top Bunting decoration.

Minnie Mouse Party Streamers

She also added a bow to some of the decorations inside.

Minnie Mouse Party CakePops

But the most creative thing she brought to the table party was Minnie Mouse cake pops. I mean seriously, how cute did these turn out? I love the candy hearts turned into bows.

Minnie Mouse Party Pudding Cups

I used the bow idea too for my pudding cups. I filled these 12 Red Polka Dot Snack Cups with 2 boxes of prepared instant pudding and topped them off with red heart sprinkles and mini Oreos.

Minnie Mouse Party Presents

Even the guests jumped aboard the Minnie Mouse theme. My step-dad cut out a picture of Minnie Mouse from a Disney Store bag to decorate Bear’s birthday gift – too cute!

Minnie Mouse Party Napkins

The food table was draped with this really cute Red Reversible Table Runner. I didn’t really do a “themed” menu. Rather, we just offered typical cookout food including hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers. A lot of my friends brought sides since they along with my husband ordered me to “take it easy” trying to host a party at 8+ months pregnant. I was so grateful to everyone who helped out and brought yummies to make things easier (yes, I actually accepted the help – a big step for me!).

Minnie Mouse Party Cupcakes Two Years Old

I really wanted to make Bear’s cake again, but I just didn’t have the energy. The only other person I could pass this special task along to was my BFF from childhood, who made 4 dozen adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes (thanks the HUNTED INTERIOR for this incredible idea!). She used a combination of red polka dot and Big Top Cupcake Liners and arranged them on this Red Wire Cupcake Holder.

Minnie Mouse Party Pin the Bow

Included in that “leftover lot” from my secondhand purchase was a “Pin the Nose on Mickey” board. Since my party was Minnie Mouse themed, my sister-in-law cut out letters to turn it into “Pin the Bow on Minnie.” We ripped some of the original poster board, so we covered the top and bottom with white card stock before adding the new letters. I found these DIY Bow Ties for the kids to use to “pin.” They colored them and then I added double-sided tape to the back to adhere them to the game board.

Minnie Mouse Party LootBags

All the guests left with a loot bag, color coded by age range – infant, toddler and big kids. The bags with the white ribbon had Minnie Mouse bibs, the bags with the yellow ribbon had toddler goodies, and the bags with the red ribbon had bags of M&Ms and Skittles (since the candy wrappers stuck with the color theme of yellow and red).

Now on to next year’s birthday planning (although I think I’ll give myself a good six months off before I begin). But next year will require two birthday parties – oh boy. My two summer babies, both born in August. That will be fun!

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