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Tips for Third Trimester Summer Style ft. Teva

I teamed up with Teva for the following post and was provided with the sandals featured below courtesy of Teva.

Tips for Third Trimester Summer Style

I did it again. Turns out my body just loves spending the third trimester all. summer. long. My daughter was due September 2012 and now my son is due September 2014, so two out of three summers have been/will be spent six to nine months pregnant.

At least this time I know what to expect. No book will prepare you for the excessive swelling of appendages, inability to wear your rings for at least 3 months, and the annoying sticking between your legs as you walk. But having done this before, I can prepare my 2014 wardrobe for summer, both fashionably and comfortably.

Tips for Third Trimester Summer Style

1. Jewelry. There comes a point in time where necklace length begins to matter. The ever-growing bump starts to creep its way up and nudge long necklaces out of place. Therefore, opt for necklaces that fall just above the top of your bump (or higher), chandelier earrings (get those in now because once baby arrives, the tugging and pulling won’t be conducive for anything that dangles), and generously stretchy layered bracelets.

Teva Sandals - fashion accessories

2. Fashionable, comfy sandals. Last pregnancy, my feet grew a FULL size and never returned. To this day, it still makes me sick to see my Manolo Mary Janes and Mui Mui sandals sit idle in my closet. But from something negative, comes something positive – like a ton of new shoes!

Since becoming a mom, I’ve found that comfort is just as important at style. These days, I refuse to have one without the other. I am seriously in love with my summer sandals this year – the Teva Capri Sandal in Toffee. They were quite a find! They have a Coachella feel, instantly stylizing any summer ensemble and are comfortable enough to waddle around a fair, festival, or just Target all. day. long. These bad boys will be perfect for my visit to Manhattan in July, where I tend to shop til I literally drop (Century 21 – I’m coming for you!).

Teva Sandals

3. Flowy cardigans. No I’m not suggesting a huge, thick cardi in the heat of summer, just something light and oversized for cooler days to offset clingy maternity tops. One of my favorite things to do is mix oversized favorites with maternity apparel, since we all know maternity clothes can be rather disappointing when it comes to trends and style. The brown skirt below has an elastic waist that lays below my bump and can be worn both pregnant and non-pregnant.


4. Sunglasses. Make-up in the summer is not my friend. Make-up while pregnant in the summer is really not my friend. Enter sunglasses – the secret weapon to wrinkle-prevention and my favorite way to complete a summer look. Plus, no matter how much my bump grows, I can still fit in my sunnies.


5. Confidence. I personally struggle with this one, but I’m getting better. It took me 22 weeks to post a bump photo publicly, but the response I received really helped up my bump pride.

After all, we are growing humans. It’s a pretty incredible superpower to have. And no matter my shape, size, etc, as long as my child is healthy, I’ll take the “wow – you’re huge” comments with a grain of salt.

Teva maternity style - confidence

Aqua tank, Gap Maternity
Olive green s/s cardigan, Banana Republic
Brown mini, Old Navy
Sandals, c/o Teva
Sunnies, Jimmy Choo
Earrings, Premier Designs

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