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And Her Walls Turned Wild

I received a sample from Uncle Milton to facilitate this review.

It was one of her first words, and now one of her favorites. My daughter cannot get enough of “goggies.” It’s no surprise since she and her 80-lb lab have become best buds since day 1 (well, day 3 when we came home from the hospital).

The first few nights, he would pop up out of our bed as soon as he heard her cries. He’d follow us into her nursery and lay right next her crib as her protector. But that extreme dedication halted around night 7. Rather than run to her bedside, he’d slowly lift his head, turn to my husband and I and give us this stare as to say “Really? Again?” It was that night that he realized she was now a permanent resident.

Playtime with yellow lab

Fast forward 21 months. He still ventures in her room to greet her in the mornings. Now, since she’s in a toddler bed, he jumps up and gives her wet morning kisses. But she doesn’t have to wait until the morning to see “goggie” thanks to a cool product by Uncle Milton called Wild Walls – Puppy Stars.

This wall decor set comes complete with dog peel ‘n stick decals for you or your little ones (just be prepared for a different look than what’s on the box if you leave it up to them) to arrange on the wall, creating a Hollywood scene. Then turn on the activator with woofs, camera sounds, and a light effect that spreads over 20 square feet to make the red carpet scene come to life.

Applying Wild Walls decals

My daughter and I had a ball arranging the dogs on her bedroom wall, especially the mix and match sunglass decals and puppy accessories. I asked her to put the hat and the bow tie on the puppy. We each had a different vision of what that meant.


It was so cute watching her arrange the decals. It was a really good learning experience for her. She even put a few “stickers” on her dress.

While she enjoys the lights and sounds, we’re just using the decals for now, as the light and sound activator needs to be mounted directly on the wall (I wish it was a wall plug instead – I can’t be drilling too many holes in the wall). When supervised, I prop the activator up on a table to create the full “red carpet” effect for her.


Uncle Milton Wild Walls Puppy Set

The Uncle Milton Wild Walls Puppy Stars Wall Decal is available for just $19.99 at select Target stores and, along with other themed sets like Disney Cars and Toy Story (prices are slightly higher for licensed sets).


Enter For A Chance to Win with Wild Walls and Wall Friends at Target!

Now through June 14, you could win a $100 Target Gift Card! To enter, visit your local Target participating store, take a selfie with Uncle Milton Wild Walls or Wall Friends and share on social media using the hashtag #WallFriends. Then fill out the official entry form here to complete your entry. You could also win a $250 Target Gift Card by purchasing a Wild Walls or Wall Friends from Target or and mailing the original UPC code & copy of the receipt to Uncle Milton. Additional details can be found here.

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