Flowers You Can Eat: Easy Easter Gift for Grandma

As you may know, I am a proud member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. As part of a sponsored post for their client, I used Starburst and Skittles to create an easy (and edible) gift for Easter. #VIPFruitFlavors #CollectiveBias

Easy Easter Gift - Flowers You can Eat #shop

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (just behind fall). The serenity of of the rain gently hitting the deck, the smell of the freshly planted flowers, the sounds of laughter as children come out of hibernation and start playing outside – it makes me think of new beginnings and reasons to celebrate.

Each spring, our family celebrates Easter. As my daughter grows older, she’s starting to be able to participate in crafts and activities that help develop her fine motor skills.

I was trying to find a fun craft that she could assist with that we could then gift to her grandmas for Easter. Inspired by the sights (and tastes) of spring, we married fresh flowers with Easter candy to make candy flowers – both pretty and tasty.

Flowers You Can Eat: Easy Easter Gift

What you’ll need (makes 2 gifts):

  • 6 bags of Skittles
  • 6 sleeves of Starburst (use Tropical and Regular to add depth of colors)
  • 2 tin flower pots
  • 2 3×2″ foam disc arrangers
  • Easter basket Funfil (non-toxic/no loose strands)
  • Colored toothpics
  • Skewers
  • 1 piece of printer paper (not pictured)

Easter craft Skittles Starburst #shop

I found the all the non-edible ingredients at a local craft store (with the exception of the toothpicks and the skewers, which I picked up at the grocery store). Since I needed a bunch of green Skittles and flower petals made of Starburst candies, I picked up a Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club, perfect for crafting.

Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam's Club #shop

1. Open 6 bags of Skittles (I chose to open 3 bags of Original and 3 bags of Berry). Pick out the green Skittles from 3 bags and set aside. Repeat for second “plant.” Grab a plastic bag with zip-top and dump the remaining Skittles to snack on later (no need to waste them!).

2. Unwrap your sleeves of Starburst (tip: each pack contains 3 of each color). Gather the like colors in sets of 6 along with 1 yellow candy per flower.

Easter craft Starburst DIY #shop

3. Grab 3 toothpicks in similar colors to the Starburst candies. With your thumb and index finger, hold the yellow candy for a few seconds to “warm” it, making it easier to penetrate with a toothpick. Shove the toothpick horizontally in the yellow Starburst directly in the middle. Add 1 Starburst on both sides of the yellow. Then, stick two more toothpicks diagonally through the yellow (see above). Add the remaining 4 Starburst candies on each end of the 2 toothpicks. Put each completed “flower” to the side (you will end up with 6 flowers in total).

Easter craft little helper #shop

4. If you have a little helper, let her play with the candy by doing a color sorting activity (obviously, with adult supervision since these can be choking hazards). My daughter had a lot of fun opening the packs and sorting, but didn’t understand why she couldn’t eat all the candy. I can’t blame her for thinking that way!

Easter craft cover tin pot #shop

5. Drop the foam disc in the tin pot. Take the piece of paper and rip it in half. Gently cover the foam disc with the paper (this will prevent the debris of the foam from getting all over the gift). Then, cut 3 skewers to different lengths. With the pointed end, pierce the paper and foam with the 3 skewers all the way down to the bottom of the pot. Repeat for the other pot.

6. Take each flower and pierce the yellow center one more time with a toothpick. Use that hole as a guide and place the flower on the skewer. Repeat with the remaining 5 flowers.

7. Take a handful of green Funfil and gently arrange it atop the paper. Take the green Skittles and place them on the green “grass.” Repeat for second “plant.” Be sure to use non-toxic Funfil if you plan on eating the Skittles.

Easy Spring Gift | Mother's Day | Easter | Grandma | Spit Up is the New Black #shop

Voila! An easy, super fun craft that didn’t break that bank and that will bring a smile to Grandma’s face!

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